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We are a renowned manufacturer of CNC processing equipment for both gold and silver Jewelry making machines to Customize bracelets, bangles, rings, and pendants. Our company, established in 2004, has formed partnerships with over 10 strategic partners. We have production, education, and research bases with various well-known universities and have a team of more than 200 experts who provide comprehensive services to our customers. We are a renowned manufacturer of CNC processing equipment for jewelry, our products include three-axis, five-axis, seven-axis, eight-axis, turning and milling complex CNC machine tools mainly used in engraving, milling, and turning applications of jewelry, watches and mobile phone cases.

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eramic atomizing core technology​

eramic atomizing core technology

intelligent oil filling space design

eramic atomizing core technology

oil isolation technology

eramic atomizing core technology

temperature control technology

eramic atomizing core technology

Our Advantage


It can be programmed to create multiple unique and custom designs which can be challenging to replicate.


With the help of CNC it can be programmed to perform multiple operations on a single piece, which is useful to reduce manual work and increase in efficiency.


The machine can repeat the same design and engraving as many times with zero errors and precision.


It is capable of creating the most precise and accurate jewelry design which has almost less margin of errors.

In-house manufacturing

The machine allows the jewelry manufacturer to create jewelry in-house other than outsourcing to a jewelry workshop, which really helps to save time and money.


By reducing the need of manual labor and allowing large quantity of production of the high quality jewelry.

Customers Service Solution

We have built the best after-sales service system to ensure our customers’ Jewelry making machines run smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians are available to provide technical support and maintenance services, which can be scheduled at a time that suits our customers best. We also offer remote support and online training to ensure our customers have the necessary skills to operate the machines and troubleshoot any issues they might encounter. Our goal is to provide our customer’s satisfaction and success in their businesses. We strive to be a reliable partner for our clients.

Our Customers

Why us

We believe that customer’s satisfaction drives a company’s growth. Our goal is to supply affordable machines to small and medium enterprises, in addition to large manufacturers globally.

In-depth market understanding

Understanding market, consumer needs, industry trends and competition.

On-time delivery

Orders are completed and delivered to the customer within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Skilled and certified experts

That the team members are highly skilled and certified in their field of expertise.

Honest and straightforward business operations

Maintaining a positive reputation and building trust with customers and partners.

High-end machines

Featuring the most advanced technology in the market to meet all customers requirement.

Cost-effective prices

Machines that we offer are the best value for money, considering the quality and features of the product or service.


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